LOL! Lessons On Life

LOL! Lessons on Life

How to Walk Forward in Life
and Succeed

​By LM Moreland

Who is
LM Moreland?
LM Moreland
Lauren “Maree” Moreland grew up as an awkward school girl in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Aged 13 she was sent to school in a small town in western Queensland and lived with her aunt, uncle and three younger male cousins. It was during this time she found she needed to stand on her own two feet and find her path in the world.

While at school, Maree didn’t have any idea about what she wanted to do or be after school. So, she took the first job that came her way: as a checkout girl at Woolworths.While Maree didn’t like or do well at school, she found that she loved working. In no time at all she was supervising staff and running departments in Woolworths, all before she was 17.

Maree always looked for what was next. She was always looking at how she could improve her career and life. Her supervisors could see the fire that was within and helped her to grow. Maree soaked up any information she could; she learned from the hard times as well as the good times. With a lot of hard work, Maree was soon in management. Every step of Maree’s career was a step forward; she never looked back.

Maree is a mother to two young adults, a wife of almost 30 years, and a business-woman

In 2016, after twenty years in senior management, she started her own business, Kelso Consulting Australia. Maree now writes content and runs training for her clients, small to medium businesses. If you have enjoyed reading this book and have found real value in it, then why not join one of the youth programs being run by Maree and her team.